Welcome to The Ecotone Exchange

While taking my Master’s in Environmental Writing at Green Mountain College (2012), I was often impressed by the ideas of many of my classmates. In reading their work on class discussion boards, I was reminded of something I once heard Ralph Nader say–that so much rich work is done in America’s universities and colleges, but very little of it ever reaches the public. Sad, but true.

My aim in going to Green Mountain, after having been laid off during the recession from my job as a high school English teacher, was to work to connect humans to the natural world. While studying at GMC I heard or read, over and over again, the importance of communication the science to the public…and saw the absence of true environmental news in mainstream media, thus, I founded this site.

In founding The Ecotone Exchange, I aimed to share the positive stories of the environment I heard in graduate school rather than perpetuate the usual doom-and-gloom rhetoric too easily found in environmental media.

Everyone who writes for the EE holds an advanced degree in Environmental Studies, Environmental Science or writing. Our articles here is rich in expertise and written with the the hearts and minds of naturalists.

Thank you for reading our words.

Neva Knott, Founder and Managing Editor