Dear Readers:

Thank you for your three years of loyalty. We’re going through some changes here at the EE that I am writing to share with you. Firstly, since the death of my partner, Andrew Loomis, drummer for Dead Moon, in March, I have been unable to muster the focus and concentration to research and write long pieces appropriate for this site, nor have I had the wherewithal to dig into the craziness in the world to find the positive angles and outcomes we write about here.  I will continue to write and blog at my own site, The Diary of Beautiful Enchiladas, which incorporates all of my work–personal, travel, environmental; photography & writing, though, because on some level creative work is healing for me.

What we do at the EE is important work, so I hope that I can find my way back to it sooner than later. Regardless, the site will remain live.

Rich Telford is working on a huge writing project so will be absent from the EE for awhile.

Maymie Higgins and Shauna Potocky are also busy with other endeavors at this time.